Be as good as your tools

We equip you with everything you need to make your whole recruitment process run smoothly – from getting people to apply, to getting them to work on their first day. Here’s just some of what your Reach system can do.

Smart Media Buying

Plastering your vacancy everywhere and hoping it’ll find its mark is an expensive way to advertise. Reach helps you broadcast more cleverly by cutting out agencies and ineffective ads. Reach means you can spend less on media, and get better applications.

One less job: job board management

Post new ads to any job board, get applications and respond to them automatically – all using Reach.

The preferred way to manage suppliers

Do you use lots of recruitment agencies or services? Or do you have a list of ones you keep meaning to try? Reach makes organising your contacts (and keeping them organised) simple. 

All for one and one for all

There’s no limit to the number of users you can have on Reach. In fact, your whole team get their own dashboards so you can all connect and work on your recruitment campaign at any time.

Inside or outside job?

Whether you’re recruiting internally, or want to attract new people to your company, Reach makes the whole process of getting the right person for the job easier.


Monitor your recruitment

See how your recruitment campaign’s going at any stage in the process. You can analyse any aspect, including cost per hire and which application sources are the most expensive.

Get reliable recommendations

Do the best people tend to apply through specific places, or get referred by current employees? Sort candidates by how they applied so you can follow up with the most reliable sources first.

Grow your talent bank

Don’t lose touch with all the great candidates who didn’t quite make it this time around. Keep them in Reach’s talent bank so you can easily talk to them again about future jobs.

Make a shortlist

What’s your dream employee like? Tell your Reach system the kind of person you’re looking for (and the kind you aren’t). Reach finds the closest matches from your applicants and talent bank, and screens the rest.

Set up interviews

Ready to meet your potential new employees? Set up interviews using our scheduling tools and invite them automatically. Alternatively, let candidates choose from your interview slots using their Reach login.

Make a job offer

Found your new employee and ready to tell them the good news? Send them the email they’ve been waiting for securely through Reach, along with their offer letters and contracts.

Give a good welcome

First impressions are as important for your new employee as for you. Give them the best introduction to your organisation and brand. Ease them into their new role by giving them the information they need through Reach.