Why your business needs a careers page?

Why a career page is vital to your recruitment strategy?

We take a closer look at what goes into an engaging career page.

Why your business needs a careers page? Feature

A fully functional and engaging career page can be your company’s biggest asset when it comes to candidate attraction. It's a valuable resource for candidates when they are searching for information to make an informed decision on whether to apply for a job or not.


What is a career page?

A career page can be either a single page or an entire section of your company website that's dedicated to showcasing your organisation, as well as advertising current vacancies. 

Its purpose is to inform potential candidates about who you are, what are your values, why employees love working for you and why new employees should want to work for you.

Your career page is also the place to advertise any current vacancies that you may have with detailed job descriptions and clear instructions on how to apply. 


What should you include in a career page?

If you are creating a career page from scratch, you might feel overwhelmed with what to include and how to present it but never fear we are here with some handy hints on what you should include!


You want the message you are sending on your careers page to reflect the rest of your website. Imagine if you were saying the company believed in one value and the rest of the page contradicted this and stated the opposite - it would leave candidates confused and unsure if they want to work for a company that is unclear on their key messages.


Your career page is the ideal place to showcase your business, its culture and employees, and the best way to do that is to utilise all the media formats available to you. 

If you want to include employee testimonials or show a typical day in the life of your employees, then video the way to go - although text works just as well, it is more impactful to actually see employees talk about the organisation or go about their day.

Do you want to say that you are a fun company to work for? Then share the photos, whether they are team building events, nights out, or even if you have a coffee shop with a pool table for your break room. Back up what you say and make sure they say fun!


 Don’t overcomplicate the career page - have a set number of things you want to showcase and stay on brand - by including too many messages you risk information overload. Why not think of the key questions candidates ask about the business during the interview process and ensure that they're answered as a priority!


 Anything that you include in your career page needs to be 100% accurate! If you state that you believe in something, make sure that it's implemented across the business! 

Imagine a candidate applies to work with you because you have stated that one of your company values is that you believe in a diverse and inclusive workplace, but they find out in week one that it was untrue then you will have trouble retaining new employees - this will end up costing you more in the long run as you rerun the recruitment process again – no one wants to be wasting money!


 When it comes to laying out your careers page you want it to be as appealing as possible to potential employees while staying in line with the rest of your website. You want to ensure your core values align with the rest of the company website – even if you go for a different look!

Having a well-designed and engaging career page can have a positive impact on both your cost and time per hire and is an integral part of your recruitment process. Candidates will be able to decide for themselves if they will be a good fit for your business before they start an application, meaning that you are not reviewing or interviewing applications for candidates who don’t want to work for you. 

Reach can help you showcase your business to potential employees with a range of options available for a career page. Our team will work with you to ensure that your career page is not only visually attractive but that it entices candidates to complete an application and be your newest recruit.

 To speak to the team about implementing Reach into your business and building a dedicated career page, give our team a call today on 01527 574408 or email [email protected] and we can arrange a demo to showcase how Reach can help you.


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The whole team have been very patient, accommodating, attentive and responsive to us throughout the whole process from planning, through to design, go live and finally, after care. REACH has exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate in recommending you to other potential clients.

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