Why is onboarding important when retaining employees?

Why is onboarding important when retaining employees? Feature

Why is onboarding important when retaining employees?


After countless interviews, you’ve found the candidate you want to offer the role and they’ve said yes – fantastic news! Next comes the onboarding stage as they transition from candidate to new employee.


Onboarding is a crucial aspect of the employee lifecycle and can instil confidence in your new employee. Gone are the days when an employee's first day is filled with completing paperwork and reading training documents – with the use of software, these can be completed ahead of time and will give you an open communication channel between yourself and your future employee.


Your onboarding process should ideally start once your candidate has accepted your offer. By taking a proactive approach to onboarding and getting the paperwork out the way before your new employee's start date, you’re not only reassuring them that they have made the right decision but showing that you’re excited for them to start their new position.


So, what can your new employee complete before officially starting with you? The following is just some of the paperwork that can be completed ahead of time;


- References

- Payroll details

- Health and Safety guidelines


You can also include documents detailing what to expect during their first week such as where they need to report to on day one, who are their points of contact and an itinerary for their induction.


Through utilising Reach, you can make your onboarding process run smoother, as everything is in one user-friendly portal that candidates can access any time – it eliminates the back and forth of emails and phones where you are waiting for responses on both sides before proceeding.


By keeping all the documents in one portal, you are not only streamlining the process for everyone involved but you're also reducing the amount of paperwork in the business – allowing you to reduce your storage space, implement paperless processes and become an environmentally friendly company.


Onboarding doesn’t stop once your new employee starts, it can continue for months after, depending on the role they're fulfilling. Why not schedule regular catch-ups with your new employee to find out how they are settling in, if there's any extra training they need, or if they have any concerns. By arranging these meetings, you can address potential concerns before they manifest into larger issues. It will also show that as a business, you value your employees and their well-being in the role.


Did you know that a strong onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82%? Onboarding a new employee is their first experience as a new employee, so you want them to start their journey on the right foot. Good onboarding can help with improving employee retention, engagement and productivity.


In this candidate-led market, by starting the onboarding process before the official start date, you’re taking a proactive approach to retain your new employee and eliminating any risks of losing them after a few months.


Good onboarding is key in recruiting and retaining top talent and allowing your business and workforce to thrive. Your employees are your best brand ambassadors, if they’re happy they will speak highly of your company to others and encourage them to consider a career with you.


Through implementing Reach, not only do we ensure that candidates have a great recruitment experience, but we work with you to continue that experience through to onboarding by implementing your processes and procedures.


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