Why a multi-generational workforce can benefit your business

With five generations in today's workforce, how can a multi-generational workforce benefit your business?

Why a multi-generational workforce can benefit your business Feature

For the first time ever, today’s workforce is made up of five different generations. With age diversity being the widest it has ever been, we are starting to see how a multi-generational workforce can benefit any business. 

You might be wondering who makes up the multi-generational workforce, it breaks down to the following generations:

  • Silent Generation (born 1945 and before)
  • Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964)
  • Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1976)
  • Millennials (those born between 1977 and 1995
  • Generation Z (those born 1996 and after)

The benefits of a multi-generational workforce may not be obvious on the surface. It can be tough to break down the stereotypes associated with each generation, from the hard-working, serious Baby Boomer generation to the technologically advanced, laid-back Generation Z. 

However, scratch the surface and you'll soon reveal what each generation can contribute to a productive and successful workforce. Let’s take a closer look at three of the reasons why recruiting a multi-generational workforce can benefit you!



Each generation can bring a fresh perspective to any situation, especially growing up in very distinct eras – this can be beneficial to all situations, and particularly when it comes to problem-solving. 

Younger generations who are accustomed to the ever-changing digital world will turn to technology to help them solve problems - whether that's searching Google for an answer or coding a program, they will lean heavily on technology when problem-solving. This is in stark contrast to older generations who will use their knowledge, experience, and life skills to tackle a problem, especially if it is a situation that they have encountered in the past. 

By recruiting individuals who possess a diverse range of skills and opinions, you are encouraging creative solutions to develop when approaching problems or challenges. A combination of innovation and wisdom could see an increase in productivity.



In many businesses, mentoring is normally a one-way street with an experienced employee taking a new employee under their wing and teaching them the ropes, but with a multi-generational workforce, you can create a more diverse mentoring scheme.

A two-way mentoring scheme, you are allowing the older generations to pass down their career knowledge and life skills and the younger generation in return can educate your mature employees on current technology and trends – everyone is a winner!

Millennials now make up 50% of the workforce and are the future leaders of your business, through introducing a mentoring scheme your experienced employees are preparing them for the roles that await them later in life.

With many working beyond the retirement age, there is a risk of older employees feeling left behind as technology advances, by having your younger workers buddy up with a mature employee, you are making sure knowledge is transferred in all directions and they will soon be reading from the same page. 

This knowledge transfer between the generations can help you create a stronger and more inclusive workforce that will ultimately lead to a higher retention rate especially among the younger generation – a great way to future proof your company!



A hot topic within the workplace right now is that of employees’ mental health and how employers can help protect their staff. Through having a diverse workforce, your employees are presented with an opportunity to create relationships that they may not form elsewhere. These relationships can turn into vital support networks within the work environment, with individuals’ emotional needs supported by their colleagues. 

Creating relationships with a diverse range of co-workers can help generate a positive work environment, increase job satisfaction, and increase profitability for the business.



Reach can help you recruit a diverse workforce through our intuitive and efficient recruitment system, allowing you to find the standout candidates that are perfect for your business! 

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