Who has inspired us in May 2022?

Who has inspired us in May 2022 and how their traits can help you with your recruitment?

Who has inspired us in May 2022? Feature

In this candidate led market, where for the first time, the number of vacancies available is greater than the number of unemployed in the UK, it can be challenging to find someone who will be a good fit with your company. They may have the right qualifications, but do they have the right traits? 

It may be tough to think that individuals who have appeared in the news may be related to your recruitment - why not look at not only why they are in the news, along with the traits they possess and then look for those traits in your candidates. 

Here are just a few of the people that are inspiring us this month and the traits they possess that you should seek in your candidates:        



Dame Deborah James has made quite an impact over the last few weeks as she vigorously raises awareness for bowel cancer. Dame Deborah has battled cancer for the last six years, and in the last month, as she entered end of life home hospice care, she has been determined to spend her remaining time raising as much money as possible for Cancer Research through her Bowelbabe charity.

The BBC podcaster has raised over £6 million in just a few weeks, with donations continuing to pour in. Deborah has completed a second book about her journey, had a rose named after her and displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show, and collaborated with a fashion chain to sell a t-shirt that contains her motto, ‘Rebellious Hope.’ The t-shirt sold over 10,000 units within an hour of launching and raised £140,000 for her Bowelbabe fund.  

Dame Deborah’s relentless fight to raise awareness about her battle has not gone unnoticed, the Duke of Cambridge visited her family home to perform an investiture ceremony and bestow her a damehood. The palace broke with tradition and granted the honour outside of the traditional honours lists that take place twice a year. 

Trait to look out for: Dame Deborah has been a beacon of hope for so many as she fights to change the future of cancer treatment. Her positivity has seen her campaign relentlessly as she continues to inspire others with her ‘Rebellious Hope’.



After reading an article in 2015 about how the Newlife Charity for Disabled Children helped a child in her local community, Elly Hance has raised almost £45,000 for the charity.

Through her fundraising efforts and dedication to helping others, the charity has been able to help more than 30 children receive equipment ranging from a specialist buggy to a safe bed that's adapted to the child’s needs. 

Elly and her group of friends have been creative in how they fundraise, from sing-a-thons and sponsored walks to making and selling crafts and face masks during the pandemic. 

Trait to look out for: Elly’s determination to raise as much money as possible for disabled children and their families shows her kindness and selflessness as she spends her time creating new ways to fundraise to help disabled children.



Eurovision fever swept the UK as Sam Ryder took to the stage looking to change the UK’s ranking within the competition. After receiving the dreaded nil points at the 2021 Eurovision, all eyes were on Sam as he performed in Turin. As the scoring began, it was clear that Sam and his team were on the way to a good result, ending up in second place with 466 points. The best UK result since 1998! 

Sam, who found fame on TikTok, has gained quite the following with 12.6 million followers on TikTok as he performs renditions of classics from his own home during lockdown.  

Trait to look out for: In the run-up to Eurovision, it was clear that Sam is a person that radiates positivity and that he was out to enjoy the event, regardless of the outcome. He gave the competition his all, and his hard work and enjoyment paid off – who knows, maybe he’s inspired next year’s entry to go one better and win it!

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