What should you be asking of your ATS in 2022?

The past 12 months have shown a great change within recruitment but does your ATS support your goals?

Let's look at what we think you should be asking of your ATS in 2022!

What should you be asking of your ATS in 2022? Feature

The past 12 months have shown a great change within recruitment with the rise of remote hiring, to it becoming a candidate led market, we have seen big changes and as a result recruiting has had to adapt. With the dawn of a New Year, it’s now time to start thinking about how you can make your recruitment more efficient in 2022.

Whether you are looking to implement your first ATS or even switch to a new system, there are some key features that you need to look for as you navigate the New Year.

We’re looking at just some of what you should expect your ATS to be doing in 2022 and why it is beneficial to you and your hiring managers. Let’s take a closer look at three areas that will be key to your recruitment in 2022!


If you are wondering how you could make your business more inclusive going into 2022, then a good place is with your recruitment process – is it accessible to everyone?

Around one in five people of working age in the UK have a disability, therefore it is important to ensure that anyone with a disability is not deterred from applying for a vacancy with your company. With tools such as screen readers, voice activation software, and keyboard or mouth sticks, disabled individuals can easily navigate your online application form and independently apply for a job.

However, these advanced tools are not enough to aid someone with a disability, your website needs to be compatible. The best way to show that you are an equal and inclusive employer is to undergo rigorous testing and gain an accreditation. In fact, the Government expect all public sector websites to be a minimum WCAG 2.1 AA standard.

By creating an inclusive and accessible recruitment process, you are placing value in every candidate who applies to work for you and can base your hiring on talent.


In 2022, one of your strongest assets will be a carefully constructed talent bank, packed full of strong candidates who you've interviewed previously, and although they didn’t get the job at the time, they have left a lasting impression on you!

If you have an employee leave unexpectedly, instead of scrambling around posting adverts and arranging interviews, you can tap into your talent bank of previous candidates. With any talent bank, it’s always worth developing your relationships with your prospective employees, they may not be employed by you currently, but clearly, you can see them fitting in in the future. Why not drop them an occasional email to see how they are getting on? Not only does it build up a great rapport between you both, but it is a great way to keep your talent bank up to date.

Talent banks are a great way to save time and money when recruiting. A great ATS should give you the ability to create your own talent bank that you can dip into at any time!


Competition for top talent has never been tougher than it is right now! Candidates can be looking at up to 30 jobs at any one time - not only do you want to attract the right calibre of candidates but beat the competition.

By having an ATS that offers real-time analytics, you can measure and track a wide range of data and compare them to your KPI’s - keeping your recruitment on the right track! Real-time reports allow you to see where your pinch points are in the recruitment process along with what is and isn’t working – allowing you to fix them promptly.

From seeing how long candidates have waited for interview feedback to whether you have any outstanding onboarding forms, your ATS is there to help you keep your recruitment moving along.

Your ATS should be there to support you and make your recruitment more efficient and the best way to do that is to utilise everything your ATS has to offer. With the New Year on the horizon, it's time to bring your recruitment software up to date and start 2022 with the best technology available to you.

We know that every ATS is different, but Reach stands head and shoulders above the others with our intuitive, flexible, and configurable system that allows you to be proactive, not reactive when it comes to recruitment. Reach is the system to take your recruitment to a new level in 2022!

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