Three inspirational people from September that you should be looking at!

Finding the perfect candidate for your roles can sometimes feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack!

What qualities should you be looking for in your candidates - let's look at some inspirational people making the news this month and see what traits they possess.

Three inspirational people from September that you should be looking at! Feature

Finding the perfect candidate for your roles can sometimes feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack – at times you may even feel finding the needle the easier challenge! When you have candidates who all have similar qualifications and experience, it can simply come down to who would be the better fit with the business, but what qualities should you be looking for in your candidates to make them stand out from their competition?

At times it's worth looking at inspirational individuals and groups who've featured in the media to see what traits they possess and what makes them successful.

Here is just a few of the people that are inspiring us this month and the traits they possess that you should seek in your candidates:

Inspiration 4 Crew

On September 16, SpaceX made history by launching the first-ever orbital spaceflight crewed entirely by civilians. Businessman, Jared Issacman, purchased the four seats on board the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft and donated the additional three seats to raise money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St Jude nominated employee and childhood cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux and raffled their second ticket with the seat filled by Christopher Sembroski, whereas Issacman’s business selected Dr Sian Proctor.

The four civilians undertook rigorous commercial astronaut training provided by SpaceX, and during their mission that lasted 2 days, 23 hours and 3 minutes, they achieved an orbital altitude of 364 miles - a height that has not been reached since 1999.

Jared Issacman and his business are long-standing supporters of St Jude, a charity dedicated to researching and treating childhood cancer. Once the seats for this historical event were secured, a fundraiser for the charity was also launched.

By the time Inspiration 4 splashed down on September 16, the fundraising total stood at $160 million - SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, pledged a further $50 million taking them over their target of $200 million – that is still rising!

Trait to look out for: Jared Issacman, like so many children, told his kindergarten teacher that he would go to space - a dream that he never let go of as an adult. Not only did he fulfil his childhood dream, but he saw the opportunity to raise money for a leading charity, with the intense media interest that would come with this ground-breaking mission. His team was made up of equally inspirational individuals - Hayley Arceneaux, who overcame childhood cancer to dedicate her career to the organisation that saved her, Christopher Sembroski, an Air Force veteran whose discipline from his time serving his country was a perfect trait to see him through his astronaut training and Dr Sian Proctor a geology professor who was a finalist in the 2009 NASA Astronaut Selection Process – Dr Proctor kept pushing herself to achieve her dreams!


Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton entered the record books after winning his 100th Formula One race in Russia. This monumental record was the first time it had been achieved in Formula One’s 71-year history and has firmly cemented Hamilton into the record books - having overtaken former record holder, Michael Schumacher and his 91 career race wins. 

Hamilton began karting in 1993 and quickly moved up through the ranks before moving into car racing where he continued to rise through the ranks and achieved a podium place during his Formula One debut. From winning his first title in his second season Hamilton has continued to push himself to become a contender for one of the sport’s greatest competitors.

Trait to look out for: At the age of ten, Hamilton approached Ron Dennis, Formula One’s McLaren team boss, for an autograph and told him that one day he wanted to be driving for him – that self-belief and vision drove Hamilton to push himself as his driving career progressed. Off the racetrack, Hamilton has used his position to raise awareness for a multitude of causes, including providing meals for children and key workers, setting up his own foundation, and is an ambassador for many charities.


Mark Flint

Would you be willing to run a minimum of 5k every single day for a year, or is the comfort of your own sofa too appealing? Mark Flint, an insurance worker from Manchester, is undertaking the mammoth task of running every single day during 2021, regardless of the weather. To date, Mark has run over 270 days, with runs varying from short 5k jogs to the Great North Run and the upcoming London Marathon. 

Mark embarked on the challenge to raise money for Christie’s cancer charity after they cared for his uncle, as he wanted to show his appreciation for everything they do for patients and their families. 

Trait to look out for: Not many individuals would commit to running every single day for a full year, especially when you think about those cold rainy nights or even snowy days! Mark’s determination, discipline and focus have pushed him through the challenge and the selfless act of wanting to give back to a charity that cared for his family during a time of need is remarkable.


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