Three awesome people who inspired in August

The summer has been full of awesome people and companies - it's been tough selecting just three!

Let's look at who we chose and what traits they possess that you should look for in your employees.

Three awesome people who inspired in August Feature

Searching for the perfect candidate for a role can sometimes be an uphill battle but when you find them, you can’t help but jump for joy!

This summer has seen many individuals, groups and companies step up and inspire other, by looking closely at their achievements you can see what traits they hold and why they are inspirational. Who knows, it might make you take a closer look at your candidates? 

Here is just a few of the people that are inspiring us this month and the traits they possess that you should be seeking in your candidates:



British rapper Stormzy founded The Stormzy Scholarships in 2018 to support Black students as they studied at Cambridge University. To date Stormzy had funded scholarships for six students but by partnering with HSBC UK, this has been significantly expanded. With this partnership a further 30 students will be able to attend the prestigious university over the next three years, with the scholarship covering tuition fees and maintenance costs.

Trait to look out for: Stormzy has shown that his desire to motivate future generations is inspiring between funding students and donating £1 million a year to charity he is dedicated to helping as many people as possible and highlighting important causes along the way.


Sarah Storey

Dame Sarah Storey has become the most successful British Paralympian during her time competing at the Tokyo Paralympics, winning a grand total of 28 medals since 1992 when she began competing at the Barcelona Paralympics. Sarah made her debut in swimming in which she won five gold medals across four games, before switching to cycling in 2005, where she has continued to excel and won a current total of 17 gold medals.

Trait to look out for: Sarah Storey has excelled at the Paralympics in not just one but two sports - to be able to switch disciplines, training regimes and mindset is a trait few achieve but through focus, drive and strength of character Sarah has been able to secure a place in the history books.



Since partnering with Olio in August 2020, Tesco have prevented 5.6 million meals going to waste. Tesco were the first supermarket to partner with a food sharing app to prevent unsold surplus food that was still fit for consumption from going to waste, resulting in 72,000 people benefitting from food that would have otherwise been destining for landfills. In fact, Tesco have ensured no edible food has gone to landfills since 2009.

Trait to look out for: Through forward thinking and putting the needs of the community first Tesco and Olio have been able to provide support to families who would have ordinarily struggled through the pandemic, ensuring that no one would go hungry while also saving landfills from unnecessary waste.



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