Three awesome people to inspire you

Here’s just a few of the people that are inspiring over the past month, and the traits they possess that you should seek in your candidates.

Three awesome people to inspire you Feature

Are you looking for your next superstar who will be the perfect fit for your business? Finding that one person who holds all the traits that you are looking for can be like searching for a needle in a haystack!

As you read stories about inspirational people, you can see what traits they possess and how they could relate to the type of employee you are looking to recruit.

Here is just a few of the people that are inspiring us this month and the traits they possess that you should seek in your candidates:


Ernestine Shepherd 

The 85-year-old former couch potato is now a world-record-holding female bodybuilder. At the age of 56, Ernestine and her sister discovered aerobics following an unsuccessful day of shopping for bathing suits from there they vowed to lose weight. The sisters then uncovered a passion for weightlifting and began a journey to be record holders. Following the unexpected passing of her sister, Ernestine Shepherd went on to fulfil her late sister's final wish to be a Guinness world record holder - Ernestine achieved this in 2010 when she was declared the oldest female bodybuilder. Although no longer a competitive bodybuilder, Ernestine is still up at 4am for a 10-mile run, strength trains four days a week and works as a personal trainer, showing that age really is just a number!

Trait to look out for: Ernestine Shepherd's mantra that she lives her life by is ‘dedicated, determined, disciplined' she sticks to those principles while inspiring many seniors in her fitness class to stay active and healthy.


British Divers Marine Life Rescue

 Swimming 28km in the sea is not many people’s idea of fun, but the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team recently completed that mammoth task, with the team swimming from Truro to Fal estuary, Falmouth. Setting themselves an initial target of £30,000 to fund a new seal hospital in Cornwall to replace the existing dilapidated hospital, they have exceeded their target. They are now continuing to fundraise for new equipment to continue treating and rehabilitating seal pups rescued off the coast of Cornwall.

Trait to look out for: The team at British Divers Marine Life Rescue show compassion and empathy when caring for rescued seal pups showing that not only are they team players but that they are determined to save as many marine animals as they can. The team also show that kindness is a trait that is always appreciated.


Hailey Morinico

 When 17-year-old Hailey Morinico went into her backyard, the last thing she expected to find was a mother bear on her garden wall attacking one of her dogs. That is what happened to the California teen after hearing her dogs barking in her yard. In a video that went viral on TikTok, it shows Hailey run towards the bear to rescue her dog before pushing at it, causing the bear to lose her balance and slip off the wall. This quick thinking gave Hailey enough time to usher all the dogs safely inside. 

Hailey walked away from her bear encounter with a sprained finger and scraped knee.

Trait to look out for: Bravery and quick thinking ensured that Hailey rescued all her dogs and protected them from imminent danger. If you are recruiting for a position that regularly has tight deadlines or needs a candidate who can think on their feet? Then you need someone like Hailey who can think quickly and perform under pressure. They will soon become a valuable asset to your business.


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