The need for speed in recruitment

With candidates entering and exiting the job market at a record pace, what can you do to ensure that you're recruiting the best candidate for the job? The answer is simply speed!

The need for speed in recruitment Feature

As the country comes out of the Covid-19 pandemic, job vacancies are at a record high, with just under 1.3 million job vacancies available in the UK - an all-time high! Over the space of the last twelve months, we have seen the job market become a candidate led market where job seekers have the power to pick and choose the job offer that they accept.

With candidates entering and exiting the job market at a record pace, what can you do to ensure that you're recruiting the best candidate for the job? The answer is simply speed!

The world of recruitment is fast-paced at the best of times, but in the current climate, it is vital to be even quicker off the mark. It's estimated that top talent is being snapped up and off the market in just ten days - significantly lower than the previous 27.5 days!

What can you do to ensure that you're recruiting the best candidates for the role? Let’s take a look at some handy tips on how to take your recruitment up a gear.



Instead of waiting for the role to close or a certain number of applications have applied before you start shortlisting candidates for the next stage of the process, why not start as soon as applications begin landing on your computer.

By shortlisting early you can start speaking to candidates who are potentially a good fit for your business, not only does it show them that you are keen but, if the perfect candidate applies in week one of your search then not only are you filling the position quicker than anticipated but, you’re also saving resources by not prolonging the search.



Does your job description give the candidates all the information they need before they hit the ‘Apply Now’ button, or does it leave questions unanswered?

A well thought out job advert can help speed up the recruitment process. By putting out a detailed job description, you can attract the top candidates without the need for further questions. However, the key to an appealing job description is one that is detailed but not too lengthy - therefore remember to utilise your other resources such as social media and your website to showcase your business and what it is like to work there. Give the candidates all the information upfront and you should see a higher quality of applications.



You may think that your recruitment process is quick, but what do your candidates think? Take a look at reviews on Glassdoor and other well-known job boards to see what is being said by candidates that have been through your recruitment process. You could even ask current employees about their thoughts too - after all, they have been on the other side of the process and may highlight areas that could be improved!

Take a closer look at the number of stages you ask each candidate to complete, or how you conduct initial interviews - could these be phone or virtual interviews instead? By moving to online interviews in the first round you are not only saving yourself time but, it is fast becoming the preferred way of interviewing, as candidates don’t need to book days off work to attend or risk getting stuck in a traffic jam.


In the current climate, where there are more jobs than candidates, reviewing your current recruitment process is always a good starting point. There's always room for improvements and you may just find that superstar candidate earlier than expected!

By implementing the Reach system into your business, we will work with you to look at your recruitment process and make any efficiencies required to ensure that you are hiring the perfect candidates in the most efficient way! To find out more about Reach, call our team on 01527 574408 or email [email protected]


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