Recruitment trends in 2023

Recruitment trends in 2023 Feature

Recruitment Trends in 2023


Recruitment in 2022 was as turbulent as its predecessor, with rising unemployment rates, and despite job vacancies falling continuously for four months, they remain at record highs. 


With 2022 firmly behind us, it's time to look ahead at the next 12 months and what trends we expect to see in the world of recruitment. Let’s look closer at three areas that will be key in 2023.


Salary transparency


In a year when everyone is focusing on their finances, 2023 is the best time to start being transparent about the salary you're offering. Many job descriptions see the phrases ‘competitive’ or ‘salary depending on experience’ next to them, but they’re the number one way to stop someone from applying. Candidates want to know upfront whether applying is worth their time.


There are many reasons a company chooses to omit a salary when advertising a new position, from not wanting to cause upset among existing employees to waiting to see what experience candidates are bringing to the table. But by hiding the salary you could be deterring candidates from applying! If you don't want to give an exact figure, why not put a salary range so you can give yourself some negotiating room?


Imagine going into a supermarket, and none of the shelves displayed a price tag instead you have to wait until the items are scanned to be given the total - you wouldn’t be happy if it wasn’t what you anticipated, would you? The same applies to candidates who go through the recruitment process not knowing the compensation details. By being transparent from the start everyone involved will know what's expected and it'll save awkward conversations towards the end of the recruitment process. 


Did you know that by excluding a salary you're reducing your pool of candidates? Recent research by Reed showed that adverts that included a salary saw a 27% increase in applications - a big difference! Salary transparency is key to attracting candidates and saving you time and money later on down the recruitment process. 


Increased flexibility 


Flexible working has been a hot topic over the past 12 months and it's likely to continue throughout 2023, especially as a bill is currently being passed in Parliament that gives employees access to flexible working from their first day of employment.


Under the new legislation, employees can request flexible working such as remote working, job sharing, or altering their hours away from the standard 9 - 5. It's believed that flexible working promotes a happier and more productive workforce.


If your business is in a position to offer a degree of flexibility, then it is worth shouting about as candidates seek out more roles that allow them a better work/life balance. Keep it realistic though - don’t offer flexible working if it is not possible, you don’t want to drive away candidates by not meeting their expectations. 


Mental health support


As 2023 gets underway, many employees will be feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis and will be looking for additional support. 


A Labour Force Survey revealed that 17 million working days were lost in 2021/22 due to workplace depression, anxiety, and stress. By implementing support and schemes your company could see a reduction in sick days as well as a team who feel they are being supported and valued. 


With reports that state employees feel that their mental health has declined significantly in 2022, it may be time to evaluate your mental health policy. From internal training for managers to recognise signs of mental health, to having open conversations with employees about how best to support them, it is worth exploring every avenue!


The upcoming year is looking to be as unpredictable as the last, so why not contact Reach to find out how we can help you with your recruitment in 2023? From our Reach Online advertising service to our recruitment technology, we can help you to make your recruitment more effective. Call 01527 574408 or email [email protected] to find out more.


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