Recruiting in a candidate driven market!

In a candidate-driven market where job seekers have their pick of vacancies to choose from, it is making recruiters wonder, 'How can I make sure I stand out?' Don't worry - we're on hand to help you! 

Recruiting in a candidate driven market! Feature

Have you found recruiting tougher than usual in the past few months? You’re certainly not alone - the number of vacancies in the UK hit a record high between July and September 2021, with 1,102,000 jobs recorded.

The Office for National Statistics released their monthly statistics on 12th October, and it showed a huge demand for staff as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic. Furthermore, there are on average 3.7 vacancies per 100 employees!

In a candidate-driven market where job seekers have their pick of vacancies to choose from, it is making recruiters wonder, 'How can I make sure I stand out?' Don't worry - we're on hand to help you! 

First, let us look at what has led us to this situation. With a combination of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, Britain has seen a monumental shift in job trends with people changing careers, taking early retirement, remaining in education, and even leaving the country, not forgetting to mention the job retention scheme introduced at the start of the pandemic.

Brexit and Covid-19 hit the UK consecutively, resulting in many EU workers deciding it was time to leave the UK and return to their native countries - decisions that have left many industries with a shortage of workers.

At the end of September 2021, the job retention scheme (furlough) closed, leaving over one million workers uncertain of their future - they faced either returning to work on reduced hours or redundancy. You may be thinking that a high volume of redundancy will lead to more candidates looking for work - it's true however, it may not solve the problem with their skills not matching up with the positions available! 

So, what can you do to encourage job seekers to come and apply for your jobs? Let’s take a look at a couple of suggestions that could help you with post-pandemic recruitment.



Lockdown gave many people the chance to step back and reflect - asking themselves whether they are on the right career path or if it is time to be brave, take a risk and move into a new industry. 

Have you noticed candidates responding to your advert that don’t necessarily have the qualifications or experience you specified? Instead of instantly dismissing them, why not take a closer look - you might be surprised! 

Key things to look out for include a willingness to learn and any transferable skills they may possess. Who knows by taking a gamble, you might find someone who brings a new perspective and dynamic into the business and find yourself with an employee who is not only eager to learn but can see things others don’t!



We've all experienced working from home, but since lockdown lifted many companies implemented a hybrid work model or even said goodbye to the office altogether. Imagine going through the recruitment process and you find a candidate that is perfect for you - hooray! - but they live 50 miles away. If the position allows then why not explore the options of remote or hybrid working?

Speak to existing employees about how they found working from home, were they more productive, were they desperate to get back to the office? By asking around, you can get a solid understanding of what you could offer to prospective candidates.



Your employer brand is vital to your candidate attraction - Now more than ever! So we haven't been able to have in-person meetings, Christmas parties or team building events but, we have had an abundance of zoom quizzes, wine tasting evenings and even mental health initiatives implemented. 

Make sure you shout about it on the careers page of your website and show prospective candidates that even though your team was apart they were still working together!

In 2019, Speakap surveyed 1000 workers from across the UK and the USA. They found that 49% of employees would rather work a 60-hour week than work for a company that didn’t value their staff. I'd imagine that figure is significantly higher now, don’t you?



Your job advert is the first chance any candidate will have to see what you are all about, so make it captivating! 

From the job title to the description, make sure everything is relevant to the position. With fewer candidates per job, you want to be shouting from the rooftop why they should be applying to work with you. Remember, candidates are looking at an average of 30 other adverts at the same time as yours- so make yours the one they rush to apply for!


Are you finding attracting candidates and filling your vacancies a struggle? Come and chat with the team at Reach - our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the recruitment industry. We understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to finding candidates. From job boards to advert advice - we have your back! 

Reach can offer tailored packages that put you in front of millions of job seekers. What we don’t know about candidate attraction isn’t worth knowing!

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