Our inspirational people of 2021

We have seen many inspirational teams and individuals in 2021 but who have we chosen as our top three?

Let's look at who we have selected and how can they help you find the perfect candidates?

Our inspirational people of 2021 Feature

The landscape of recruitment has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2021. With applications per vacancy down, it has never been more important to find the right candidate during your recruitment process. But how do you find the perfect fit when all your applicants are strong? You'll need to scratch the surface and look a little deeper to see what traits they possess – who knows what you may find!

The past 12 months have seen a lot of incredible individuals and teams stepping up and inspiring others - so much that narrowing it down to just three was incredibly difficult. Why not look at these inspirational people and see if you can spot their traits in your candidates? 



When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, no one could foresee what would happen and how everyone would react. In fact, it brought out the best in people, with countless individuals volunteering their time, from collecting shopping for vulnerable neighbours to helping roll out the vaccination across the country – everyone came together.

St John Ambulance recruited, trained, and deployed over 30,000 volunteers to support the NHS with the vaccination roll out – one of the largest recruitment drives in British history. St John volunteers can be spotted at any vaccination centre around the country and have been integral in the success of the vaccination rollout. 

Reach is incredibly proud to have created the recruitment software that allowed St John Ambulance to play a vital part in fighting the pandemic.


Trait to look out for: In a time when the country came to a standstill, thousands of individuals applied to be vaccination volunteers. This selfless act put them on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19, and one year on, they are still committed to helping every person that comes through their doors - by showing compassion, patience, and care.



Captain Tom Moore became a national hero with his extraordinary efforts raising money for the NHS Charities Together. On 6th April 2020, Captain Tom set off on his challenge to walk 100 lengths of his garden by his hundredth birthday, on 30th April. With an initial target of £1000, Captain Tom very quickly captured the hearts of the nation and inspired donations from around the world. 

When Captain Tom crossed the finish line on his 100th birthday, he has raised over £30 million. He received well wishes from the Queen, filled a local village hall with the thousands of birthday cards sent by the public, and received an RAF flypast. 

Captain Tom continued to raise money through various channels – including becoming the oldest person to have a number one single. He also raised awareness of loneliness among the elderly and received a knighthood from the Queen for his charitable endeavours. He truly showed that it is never too late to make a difference!

Captain Tom passed away in February 2021, nearly one year after his incredible achievement but his family has continued to build on his hard work and ensured his legacy continues with the Captain Tom Foundation.  


Trait to look out for: Captain Tom’s positive thinking and can-do attitude saw him raise millions for NHS Charities Together – a charity to help support NHS staff. He inspired people to donate not only to the cause but also to take time to be kind to one another, especially the elderly. 



The country became captivated with Rose Ayling-Ellis during her stint on Strictly Come Dancing, from the effortless routines created by Rose and her dance partner, Giovanni Pernice, to representing the deaf community on mainstream TV. 

Rose is the first deaf contestant on the well-loved dance show and has incorporated sign language into many of her routines – online searches for British Sign Language skyrocketed by 488% following the show! Rose also gave viewers a glimpse into her world during one emotionally powerful routine, which saw the couple dance in silence after the music suddenly cut out.

Rose encouraged co-stars and the wider public to make small changes when going about their day to be more inclusive, such as using captions in social media videos and learning basic sign language to communicate. Rose has used her platform to highlight the hurdles faced within the deaf community. Rose is working hard, not only on her dance routines but making the world a more inclusive and accessible place for everyone to live. 


Trait to look out for: Rose’s hard work and determination has taken her to the final of Strictly Come Dancing – a competition that is difficult to participate in at the best of times. Rose has tackled the competition head-on from taking a leap of faith with her dance partner to advocating for the deaf community, she has been inspirational in everything she has done.


When looking for candidates who will benefit your business it is worth looking to these inspirational people to see what makes them stand out. Digging deeper into your candidates during the application process might show individuals in a new light and you may just discover a hidden gem!


Do you want to build an inspirational team?

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