How to attract millennial talent to your workforce

What will make Millennials choose your organisation? You need to show that your organisation can give them what they’re looking for from the outset...

How to attract millennial talent to your workforce Feature

Millennials are the largest generation in the UK workforce, so if you’re not already working to attract them to your organisation, you could be missing out on a significant proportion of the candidate pool. But millennials are looking for different things than their predecessors - so how can you make sure your organisation is a magnet for millennials?

While older generations have typically sought stability and high salaries when job-hunting, millennials have a different set of priorities and aspirations when it comes to their career. A high salary, while still valued by many millennials, is no longer enough to get them to accept your job offer, and they’re also more likely to job-hop than their older colleagues.

So, what will make them choose your organisation? You need to show that your organisation can give them what they’re looking for from the outset - here’s how:

1. Take a digital approach

Millennials are ‘digital natives’; they have been brought up during the age of digital technology and they’re at home on the Internet, so that’s where you should look for them. It’s a good idea to post your vacancies on online job boards, but you should also reach out to candidates on social media too. Announce any vacancies on your social media profiles and provide a link back to the application page to make it as straightforward as possible for interested candidates to apply.

When you’re trying to attract millennial talent, it’s also really important to ensure your vacancy pages are optimised for mobile. This is something we at Reach ATS understand well, as 65% of the applications that come through our system are made on mobile devices! Providing candidates with a purely digital application process is also wise, as millennials will appreciate being able to submit their documents, carry out any tests and receive all the information they need from you online.

2. Outline how they can grow with your business

It’s well-known that millennials are prone to job-hopping. In a recent Gallup report, 21% of the millennials they spoke to had changed jobs within the past year. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be loyal in the right circumstances - if your organisation can support their development and offer them opportunities to advance, you could boost the number of millennials joining and thriving within your business.

You need to get them in the door first, however, which means carefully crafting your vacancy advert to outline how you can help them to achieve their career aspirations. There are various ways you can do this - you could include a typical five-year career path, for example, and a defined pay scale for the role. Millennials want to be mentored, so if you can provide them with a mentor or professional training then include this information within your job ad, too.

3. Provide open and honest lines of communication

 As digital natives, millennials are accustomed to having conversations with the businesses they interact with as consumers, and they expect the same from their employers. Millennials want to have open lines of communication with their colleagues and honest feedback on their work - so you need to show them that you’re responsive employer when they’re going through the application process.

This is where an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be really useful, as a good ATS will make it easier for you to keep in touch with candidates at every stage of the process. Reach ATS enables you to track which stage each candidate is at and send appropriate communications to them individually, from prompting to complete their application to welcoming the successful candidate on their first day. Candidates can also contact your HR team or our support team at any time if they need help with completing their application.

Is your hiring process millennial-friendly? Reach ATS can help you to boost the number of millennials in your workforce by providing candidates with a seamless digital experience with your business, from their application to their first day. To find out more about how Reach ATS can help you to attract millennial candidates, give us a call on 01527 574408.




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