How mobile friendly is your application process?

Mobile phones are a part of every day life and we do everything including job hunting while we're on the go. 

Find out how you can make your recruitment process more mobile-friendly!

How mobile friendly is your application process? Feature

Since the future of the workforce will be full of savvy, confident and adaptive Millennials and Gen Z’s – it’s time to ask yourself if your online recruitment is keeping up with the times by including mobile-friendly applications in your digital recruitment strategy.

Reach understands the importance of having a mobile optimised job application when it comes to attracting candidates – especially those that live online!

Did you know that for some clients up to 75% of job applications through the Reach system are made on mobile devices? Are you surprised by that figure? If you’re unsure whether you’re optimised for mobile and tablets, then the best way to find out is to test it out - get out your mobile and go through the candidate journey yourself to see how you get on!

If your online application form is not yet optimised for mobile, then now is the time to bring it into the 21st century and update how candidates can apply for a job! After all, if you are in an industry that is fighting to attract top-quality candidates don’t you want to ensure that everyone can apply?

Let’s take a look at three simple ways you can improve your application process and be more mobile-friendly.



In an age where short form entertainment is leading the way, it is not surprising that candidates prefer shorter application forms. This also applies to job descriptions - many candidates get bored scrolling through long text and never get to the Apply Now button. So, keep it clear and concise – only covering the key points. Don’t forget your career site is there to sell the company so you don’t need to go into detail about your history – stay focused on the job!

Were you aware that over 60% of candidates quit mid application? Even more surprising is that only 5% will go back to complete the application on a laptop! Think of the candidates you could be missing out on – it’s frustrating!

Glassdoor revealed that 73% of job seekers completely abandon applications that take longer than 15 minutes to complete and 83% want less than 15 questions in an application form so, make sure each question counts!


Imagine your job requires you to travel around the country, but it is no longer suited to your lifestyle – perhaps you’ve gone from carefree singleton to settled down with a kid on the way and you need a new job closer to home. Without permanent access to a laptop, the only option is to apply for jobs on a 6-inch mobile screen - you're going to want the application process to be as simple as possible, right?

Overly complex forms can drive candidates away, so don’t expect them to write essay after essay when answering questions - you can always ask for more information as they progress through the process or speak in-depth about their experiences at their interview. Put yourself in your candidate’s shoes when creating your application questions.



Would you like to give your candidates the option to upload their CV as an alternative to filling out their personal details and history? Instead of only allowing candidates to upload a file from their device, Reach can use a multitude of ways to help candidates upload their CV’s. The ability to upload a document from the cloud is now more of a necessity than a nice benefit.

You are more likely to get uptake in applications by offering this simple solution – after all, how many of us keep documents solely on our phones or tablets? 

Glassdoor reported that applications that were truly mobile-friendly and advertised as such could see an increase of 11.6% in applications. It’s time to bring your recruitment strategy up to date and stop losing candidates due to overly complex and unfriendly forms.

Reach is compatible with mobiles and tablets, meaning candidates have a more user-friendly experience and dramatically reduces the risk of abandoned applications. Speak to one of our team today on 01527 574408 or email [email protected] to find out how we can help you bring your recruitment into the digital age.

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