How can you win the fight for candidates in the current climate?

In this current candidate-led climate, how can you stand out and win candidates in a crowded market?

How can you win the fight for candidates in the current climate? Feature

In the current climate, where there are more job opportunities than candidates, it can be difficult to attract candidates to your roles. In the past year, there's been a surge of vacancies as companies continue to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic - the Office of National Statistics [1] has revealed that for every vacancy there is 1.0 unemployed person – that’s not including the number of employees looking to move careers. 

Candidates not only have more choices within the market, but their expectations have shifted when searching for a new role – things like company culture, hybrid working, and career progression are now top priorities for candidates. 

In an increasingly difficult period, employers are now spending more time and resources on candidate attraction. There are some steps you can take to help attract and win candidates that once implemented you won’t need to repeat. 


Did you know that approximately 85% of candidates now search for roles using a mobile phone? If a candidate's attention isn't captured instantly, they are likely to continue scrolling – therefore, a relevant and concise job title and appealing opening paragraph that details the role is important. 

Your job advert needs to give all the relevant details related to the role, company, and benefits without being too long. Candidates tend to spend a few minutes reading an advert before they get bored and move on – less is more!

If you have extra details that you wish to include but feel it may make the advert too long, then you can utilise the career section of your company website. Here is where you can tell potential employees about the business, company culture, and anything else you feel candidates need to know!


Candidates will spend up to an hour researching a company before applying for a role. They'll research everything from your company’s website to your employee reviews and social media presence.

It is worth taking the time to review every aspect of your online presence and see if there are any improvements to be made. Once improvements have been made it will be worth regularly monitoring and updating when new information is available. 

Candidates will research websites like Glassdoor and Indeed to look for reviews from current and past employees - it’s worth monitoring these reviews to see if there are any recurrent themes raised that can be resolved. By addressing employee reviews and replying to every comment, you are showing employers and potential candidates that you are taking a proactive approach to resolving any issues.


The candidate experience is the first real insight into your company that an employee will have, so make it a positive one!

There are many ways to ensure that the experience a candidate receives through the recruitment process is a positive one, they include 

  • Quickly responding to new applications – the sooner you can start the interview process, the less likely you are to lose candidates to other companies who were quicker to react.
  • Constant communication throughout the recruitment process, so candidates are informed and not left wondering whether they have been successful or ghosted – when it comes to recruitment, no news is good news is not a mantra to live by!
  • Streamline your interview process – if you're a company that conducts multiple interview rounds with different recruiters and managers. With online interviews remaining popular, it could be worth considering reducing the number of interviews and increasing the number of attendees from your company per stage.

These are just some processes to help you attract and win candidates. Through appealing job adverts and reacting quickly, you are putting yourself in pole position to win the race! 

Reach can help you with candidate attraction and your recruitment processes - our teams understand the current recruitment climate and what works when it comes to streamlining your recruitment process. If you want to get ahead of the crowd and attract top-quality candidates, speak to our team on 01527 574408.


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