How can these inspirational people inspire your recruitment?

How do you decide who to hire when you have more than one person who appears perfect on paper?

Why not take a look at these inspirational people making headlines this month and see if you can see their traits in your candidates.

How can these inspirational people inspire your recruitment? Feature

We’re sure you’d agree that sourcing the perfect candidate can be tricky. More than one person may appear perfect on paper, so how do you narrow down your search? Why not take a deep dive into their application and look at the finer points: what language do they use? Did they manage to improve their workplace or take on extra responsibilities? So often it’s the little things that make a candidate stand out.

The news is full of both famous and everyday individuals, that do inspirational things every day but how can these acts relate to your candidate search? Let’s look at some of the inspirational individuals of the past month and look closer at what traits they possess – it may give you an idea of what to look for in your next hire.

 Owain Wyn Evans 

BBC weatherman, Owain Wyn Evans raised over £3 million for Children in Need. The Welsh TV personality took on the challenge to drum non-stop for 24 hours. He was joined by a host of world-renowned drummers who kept the tempo going as time marched on. Owain took short breaks each hour and had to seek medical treatment for him arms. Playing everything from Britney Spears to the BBC News theme Owain snared a record for the amount achieved.

Trait to look out for: Owain Wyn Evans found his passion for drumming at a young age and after going viral during lockdown for his BBC News theme remix – Owain capitalised on his newfound recognition and combined with his passion he set off to raise money for Children in Need. His drive and determination saw him sail through the 24 hours and smashed the previous records

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift had a week of smashing records with her highly anticipated re-release of Red (Taylor’s version). After her masters were sold, Taylor took it upon herself to rerecord her past albums and take back control of her music – a decision that saw Taylor become the most streamed female artist in a single day with 90.8 million streams, she also saw her song, All Too Well, become the longest running song (10 minutes) to top the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.

Trait to look out for: Taylor Swift’s sharp business mind saw an opportunity to take back control of her work and took it. When many others would simply let the rights go, Taylor decided she wanted to have a say over her music and how it would be used in the future. Her progressive thinking has seen her be one of the most talked about artists.

Julia Hawkins

105-year-old Julia Hawkins set a world record in the 100-metre dash. She is the first athlete to compete in the 105+ age category and completed the run in 1:02:95. Hawkins, who began sprinting at the impressive age of 100 said that she runs a mile a day to keep active. Hawkins set a world record in 2017 for women aged 100+ with a time of 39:62, a record that was since broken and spurred Hawkins to compete in the new category. Despite setting the world record she was aiming for an under one minute sprint.
In 2019, the New York Times ran a profile on Julia Hawkins, where she offered the wise advice of telling readers to stay active and look for the magic moments. 

Trait to look out for: Julia Hawkins attitude to life has inspired her to set a world record at the age of 105! The appreciation she shows looking for the magic moments in everyday life allowed her to try something new at the age of 100 - who else would dream of taking up the 100m sprint at that age? Julia has truly shown that age is just a number, and you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

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