How can an Applicant Tracking System help with your recruitment challenges in 2023?

How can an Applicant Tracking System help with your recruitment challenges in 2023? Feature

The digital age has brought a whole host of new technologies designed to make life easier and the recruitment industry is no exception. Gone are the days of applications hastily filled out or piles of printed CVs stacked in your in-tray, and in are the days of the applicant tracking system.


The past 12 months have shown that when it comes to candidates, you need to act fast! Since the Covid-19 pandemic, recruitment has become a candidate-led industry where there is more choice per candidate so, if you delay contacting a candidate by even a few days following their application, there is an increased risk of candidates taking a position elsewhere. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) were designed to eliminate the unnecessary stages of manual recruitment and bring your entire process into one central system that not only makes it easy to track various applications but also helps you identify where improvements can be made. 


If you’re new to the world of applicant tracking systems or looking to upgrade your existing system, it’s time to read on and find out what you should be looking for in your recruitment technology and why Reach are the ones to deliver!


Improved candidate experience 


A bad candidate experience is one of the biggest challenges you could face as candidates will actively share their experiences, both on and offline - a surefire way to put off future candidates, but you can overcome this with the help of Reach.


The candidate experience is central to any recruitment campaign. If the candidates have a bad experience, they're unlikely to accept any position with you. A bad candidate experience can range from delayed communication to the company or position not lining up with what was advertised. Both of these areas plus more can be improved when working with Reach through utilising our communication tools and working alongside our advertising team to optimise your job adverts -there are solutions to enhancing your candidate experience within Reach. 

Configurable system and comprehensive reporting


No business has the same recruitment procedures, which is why Reach is 100% configurable - we create a system that fits in with your recruitment instead of being a generic piece of software that you could have picked up off a shelf! With Reach, we work closely with you to establish your requirements before building your recruitment system - from specific reports to integration with external programmes - Reach will configure your applicant tracking system around you. 


Not only can you configure Reach to your needs, but you can also run comprehensive reports through the system - need to find out your time to hire or perhaps see how many candidates are at each stage of the recruitment process - Reach can run these reports and more! 


With real-time reporting, you can identify candidates who have outstanding onboarding forms or see how long candidates have been waiting to hear from you - each report designed to keep your recruitment moving forwards at a pace that will keep your candidates engaged.


Cost-effective and time efficient

Recruitment can be a timely process, especially without the use of an ATS, especially if there is more than one hiring manager - through an Applicant Tracking System you can significantly reduce your time to hire.


Reach has many functionalities that improve your productivity such as integration with job boards that send applicants through to your ATS instead of externally storing applications, to email templates that optimises communication with candidates. An ATS allows you to easily manage and track new applicants, keep data organised and GDPR compliant, and be accessible to all your team members to review.


You may be wondering how can an ATS be cost-effective. When you add up the time it takes to sift applications, phone candidates, and organise interviews, it all adds up, especially if you’re manually moving through each stage. By utilising an applicant tracking system, you can streamline every aspect of the recruitment process allowing you to be more productive.


These are just some of the reasons why Reach can help you with your recruitment in 2023 - if you want to find out how Reach can help you with your end-to-end recruitment call, 01527 574408 and speak to our knowledgeable team about organising a demo today!

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We use Reach to hire several thousand volunteers each year and employees across all departments from Administration to IT to HR. We've recruited some great talent through the Reach system.

Emma Evans, HR Manager