How an exit interview can help you with recruitment?

You've had an employee confirm that they wish to leave but did you know by conducting an exit interview they could help you with your recruitment process in the future.

How an exit interview can help you with recruitment? Feature

You’ve had an employee hand in their notice, and you are now getting ready to conduct an exit interview with them - while also preparing to hire their replacement - but did you know that one can help the other?

Exit interviews can give you valuable insights that can help with the recruitment process because no one will be more honest about the company than an employee who is leaving! Whether you want an honest opinion about the culture or to learn more about why they're leaving, your current leaver is more likely to be open and honest about their thoughts and feelings during an exit interview.

An exit interview can give you a greater insight into your company and help you improve on any issue that may have been unknown previously, allowing you to retain future employees. Exit interviews are the best place to discover an underlying problem and fix it!

Besides understanding the reasons behind your employee leaving, there are two key areas that you can cover in your exit interview that will help you with recruitment in the future.



When conducting an exit interview, it is worth covering your induction and training program. By asking questions like how could we improve or did you have the right tools to carry out your job, you are allowing your soon to be former employee the chance to open up and tell you if anything needs improving. After all, they've been through it once, so they understand it from the candidate's side.

By asking about your induction and training programmes recurring trends will soon appear, which will allow you to take a closer look and make the necessary improvements. So, the next employees that come into your business will have a better introduction to the company and you could see a higher retention rate.


Company Culture

You may get to see a brief glimpse into the company culture, but no one will know it better than those at the heart of your business. If during the exit interview you ask how the employee would describe the culture within the company, they will be honest - you may be surprised what you find out!

Again, it is best to collate these answers and identify the recurrent trends. This will stop personal feelings from being acted on and will deal with the core issues.

By taking a closer look at the company culture, you are ensuring that the company is as diverse, inclusive and friendly as you say it is. If a new employee starts with the company and finds that it is different to what they read, they will be questioning their decision to join the company and look to leave sooner rather than later.

While it is great to gather all this information, it's crucial to allow the employee to talk freely. Therefore, ask open questions that will not lead the employee.

It is worth noting that any exit interviews that you conduct should be kept positive, as you never know the employee may want to return one day! It is important to keep the integrity of the company and yourself!

Keep collecting answers to build a bigger picture of your company and what the underlying trends are - you may be surprised and what you discover. From here, you can create a plan of action to help improve the company and retain future employees by showing that you not only do you listen to your employees, but you act on feedback.


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