Are you ready for the new year’s recruitment rush?

January is one of the most popular times of the year for recruiting - so make sure you’re prepared to bring in the best candidates.

Are you ready for the new year’s recruitment rush? Feature

The start of a new year is always busy when you’re working within HR - you’ve just got a new budget for recruitment, and the number of job-seekers soars as many people make a New Year’s resolution to change their career. This means it’s an exciting time, but it can also be an incredibly busy one for your team, so it’s important to be ready for the rush.

Want to make sure your organisation is prepared to snap up the best candidates? Here are three actions you can take now, to ensure you’re ready to go in January...

- Ensure your organisation is visible to candidates

While the candidate pool grows at the beginning of the year, the competition for the top talent will also increase as your competitors are likely to ramp up their recruitment efforts, too. In such a crowded market, you need to make sure that your vacancies are visible to candidates and that your organisation stands out as a great place to work. Make sure that you have a heavy presence on all of the main job boards and use social media to promote your available opportunities too - millennials in particular are increasingly likely to see your vacancies through social media channels.

You should also be working to stay at the front of the minds of the candidates in your current recruitment pipeline, as the Christmas period can make people feel more sentimental about their current organisation. Sending out some friendly communications at the end of the year should remind them why they’re interested in your organisation, and could incline them to join your business in the new year.

- Get the admin out of the way

If you want to secure the best candidates for your business, you need to be ready to go from the first day back after your Christmas break. Getting all of the admin that’s required before a job ad even goes live done in December will give you the ability to put your vacancies live as soon as possible in January, so you don’t waste those precious first few weeks of the year.

You should already know the roles you’ll be recruiting for next month, so now is the time for you to write everything from the job specifications to the ads and social posts that will promote your vacancies. If you’re reusing job specs from previous vacancies, review them to ensure that they are completely up-to-date and compelling for candidates in such a competitive job market. Get the go-ahead from key decision makers before Christmas too, so all you have to do in January is set your vacancies live and wait for the applications to come in.

- Review your existing recruitment process

The end of the year is the ideal time to look back at your recruiting activities and consider what’s worked well for you this year and where you could make improvements in 2020. Set your HR team some goals for the new year - could you improve the number of candidates that complete the application process, for example, or are you looking to boost your offer acceptance rate?

You should also look into the tools that could help your team to achieve these goals. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS), for example, can enable you to streamline your recruitment process and improve candidates’ experience with your organisation. Every ATS is different  - Reach ATS is one of the few that includes credits for job boards, for instance - so it’s important to spend time finding the right system for your business.

Could Reach ATS help you to bring in top talent in 2020? Talk to our friendly customer service team about how our system could benefit your business today by calling us on 01527 574408.

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