Are you maximising social media in your recruitment strategy?

Social media! The place where many of us spend a large portion of our day, but how can it help you recruit top-quality candidates?

Are you maximising social media in your recruitment strategy? Feature

Did you know the average person spends 145 minutes a day on social media? That’s a lot of content for one person to absorb! With all that information, it can be a struggle to get noticed.

The power of social media in recruitment can be incredible, especially when it’s combined with advertising on your website and job boards. It creates a strong and effective recruitment strategy that will get prospective candidates hitting the ‘Apply Now’ button.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that social media can bring to your recruitment process.



Your presence on social media is like a shop window display – minus the mannequins. It gives candidates a clear and honest look at your business, your ethics and your reputation. 48% of candidates used social media to research a company while searching for their most recent job. From reading employee reviews to how your business presents itself on the many social media platforms, every snippet of information read by a prospective candidate will influence their opinion of you, your workplace, and whether they will apply to work within the company.

According to the Robert Walters Whitepaper, “Using Social Media in the Recruitment Process”, 75.9% of candidates have researched a company on social media before applying for a position. How you are externally perceived is critical to the quality of candidates you attract. If your company has a negative reputation, you will find top-quality candidates running in the opposite direction to you. Why not take a closer look at your branding and work to making it the best it possibly can be?



Social media allows you to put yourself in front of both the current workforce and the next generation of workers, with 99% of 16-24-year-olds active on social media at least once a week. Social media allows you to cast a wider net in the recruitment pool and increase your chances of finding the perfect catch.

Social media has created a new path for attracting passive candidates. If you can grab their attention enough to stop them doom scrolling, they could find that you are advertising their dream job.



Tying in nicely with expanding your application pool is the ability to post jobs directly to social platforms. You can reach your potential candidates just by hanging out where they are already spending their time – social media!

The ability to reach your potential candidates on social media has expanded rapidly over the past few years. Not only can you find and engage with prospective employees, but candidates can actively search job listings on Facebook and LinkedIn by filtering them by their chosen criteria – be it location, industry, or keywords. There are even dedicated Facebook groups for jobs for you to share your recruitment searches.

Let’s not forget how powerful the share option is too, with just a few clicks of a button you could be in front of countless pairs of eyes.



Have you noticed that it is becoming a popular trend for candidates to include a link to their LinkedIn profile within their application? While LinkedIn is a suitable platform to use in the recruitment process, what about the other platforms? 63% of professionals believe that it is inappropriate for a potential employer to use personal social media profiles in the recruitment process.

Some recruiters might avoid looking at a candidate’s social media profile, especially if the candidate hasn’t volunteered the information. However, you may decide to take a closer look and peek at what they who they are as a person.

When looking you could find that a candidate’s personal views doesn’t align with those of the companies. Their timelines could be full of unsavoury comments, questionable activity, or negative remarks about their current employer, all pointing to the candidate being the wrong fit. It must be better to find that out before they sign a contract, and you have to go through the recruitment process again.


Social media can play a vital role in sourcing and attracting high-quality candidates, but it’s still early days, don’t put all your hopes into filling all your roles via social media just yet. It is one of many tools available to you so, incorporate it into your existing effective recruitment strategy and you’ll be miles ahead.

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